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About Varied / Hobbyist April (a.k.a: Béa)Female/United Kingdom Group :iconbeatlescartoon: BeatlesCartoon
Huh-huh-huh, yeah...
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I want my deviantart account working functionally and have my friends back!


April (a.k.a: Béa)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I’m just your average cartoonist with an artistic touch diagnosed with the autism spectrum (a learning and communication disorder) who you could talk too if you’re lonely.

Normally, I’m a rather friendly, strong-willed and thoughtful person though I can be shy towards new people and I might become rather grumpy, but don’t worry, I don’t snap much.

My hobbies are mainly on art – literature and script writing, acting and drawing for examples – and practising Wicca (a Neopagan movement) and studying Neopagansim (it’s a modern, new age movement based on paganism from ancient times, and NO IT’S NOT EVIL AND THEY DON’T DO HUMAN SACRIFICES LIKE SOME ANCIENT PAGANS INCLUDING THE AZTECS!) (P.S: Wicca is also known to be white ‘witchcraft’, but it’s not the sort of fantasy stereotypes like little old ladies flying on broomsticks :meow: )

I don't only spend the time on DeviantArt on my laptop, uploading artworks and role playing with my mates, but I also like listening to music on Youtube as well as watching Let's Plays (i.e. PewdiePie, Markiplier, Yamimash).

I’m a mix of a hippie and a goth, so that makes me a Hippie Goth (or Gothic Hippie), .
but I could be more than just a hippie-goth type by some dark, twisted styles and subcultures...

(Here's the gothic stereotypes list:…, here's the gothic fashion list here:…, note that it may be blocked on your computer/btw, I don't own links at all)

More information about me-

Favorite countries: Britain, Belgium and Russia (I mainly like European countries, but these are my absolute favorites and my main favorite kind of country are cold countries).

Religion: Wicca/Christian (Church of England)

Favorite food: Anything sweet (I have a rabid sweet tooth:meow:) and anything to do with pastry

Nickname: A.B

Favorite colour(s): Blue, black, white and purple

Star sign: Aries

The music I like to listen to: Anything from or one of the Beatles, classic rock n' roll , anything Gothic and/or Psychedelic, Folk (Pagan) Metal

Inner Beatles member: Paul McCartney

Favorite kind of ghost: I don't mind any, but my favorite are the original ones (the ones that float around and stuff :P)

Favorite fictional ghost(s): The ghost soldiers from How I Won the War (1967)

Kind of goth: Perky/Hippie/Pagan


The Beatles
Animated Beatles Stamp by TheStampQueenBEATLEFREAKS STAMP by beatlefreaks:thumb97774694:Beatles Coca Cola Stamp by TheStampQueenWe All Live in a Yellow Submarine by LadyQuintessenceJohn Lennon Stamp by rcsi1stampsI am the walrus by Alys-StampsThe Beatles Fab Four Animated Stamp by dA--bogeymanPaul's Not Dead by zStarsSgt. Pepper Stamp by TheStampQueenJohn Lennon stamp by Raephenwe all shine on by JanbearpigJohn Lennon Stamp by Karis-Is-Lost

Cartoons and comics
I love Comics and Cartoons by PauZakAnimation by SimbaTheHumanThe Beatles Cartoon Stamp by lichtstadt:thumb295751936:Tintin Stamp by Kiiara95:thumb354694192:TinTin's Best Catchphrase by the-ocean-sings:thumb189938867:

Gothic subculture, ghosts, monsters and spooky and dark things
I Heart Ghosts Stamp by bizarrostampsGhost Stamp by Dragongirl269I Believe In the Paranormal by BloodRedVampressI Heart Paranormal Stamp by ladykatriannaMonster Love Stamp by SparklyDestBetter Than Stamp by SparklyDestHaunted stamp by KirscheAnderDA stamps:I love Halloween III by eleoyashaHalloween is not Satanic by KellatrixStamp - Perky Goth by KittensoftProud to be Goth stamp by deviantStampsGOTH satmp by AUTUMANIACGoths Are NOT Satanists by jocund-slumberStripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-RoseBloody stamp by emptyidentityentityGoths_Stamp by AretusaI Dig Cemeteries Stamp by Polstar-PhotographyTim Burton Stamp by iZgoBurton's films are amazing by KooboriSapphireTim Burton Stamp by theestephasaurusrexLove the Dark stamp by Gothicmama

The Fairytale Stamp by Mel-RoseyI Still Believe - stamp by CupcakeCarnageGirlFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieI Believe In Dragons Stamp by dA--bogeymanGood Dragons Stamp by Sky-YoshiDragon Stamp by Ra1nDanc3rI believe in magic by thebluemaidenHippie at heart stamp by deviantStamps.Stamp. Protected by Penguins by KillMePleaseGodI love Penguins by WishmasterAlchemistPenguin Stamp by hosmer23wiccan rede stamp by Sabattier:thumb61250308:religious tolenance - stamp by kaistamps:thumb173735313:Stamp-I'll Pray For You by Jazzy-C-Oakscandy love stamp by Fire-FelineGive me your candy by pjukSweet tooth... by PixieRiotRetro by black-cat16-stampsKeep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Love The 60s by SpyHunterStampsBritish Rock is BETTER by Precipitation5I like Classic Rock by ChukkzBleeding peace stamp by DeviantSithEquality Is For Everyone by chibi-angelI Like Being Myself by mylastelAutism Stamp by callykarishokkaAutism Stamp by jocund-slumber:thumb180723921:British stamp by Bourbons3Delightfully British by Alys-StampsBritish by LazloTitanWales Supporters Stamp by walesWales Member Stamp by walesI Love Europe stamp by deviantStamps:thumb350051690:I love Russia by Marsy-88I have one final by Dametora

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